COVID-19 Chicago Travel Advisory

COVID-19 Chicago Travel Advisory

Dear Attendees:

For those of you planning to join us in September for the Annual Meeting in Chicago, please be advised that the City of Chicago has issued and is periodically updating a travel advisory that advises travelers from certain jurisdictions with elevated infection rates to either obtain a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours before arriving in Chicago, or to quarantine for 10 days after arriving in Chicago.  Please see the link below.  The advisory notes that it does not apply to vaccinated persons.

 If you are vaccinated, you do not need to do anything further to prepare to travel to the Annual Meeting.  However, the Chicago advisory does recommend that you bring a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination records while traveling.

 If you are not vaccinated, and your jurisdiction falls within the advisory’s “Orange List,” please be prepared to obtain a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of your arrival in Chicago as set forth in the travel advisory.  NASAA is requiring all attendees to abide by federal, state and local guidance while traveling to and attending our events, and the requirements of this advisory will qualify.  If you have any questions, please contact either James Apistolas ( or Vince Martinez (  

Thank you very much.

Join your colleagues and peers at the paramount event for securities regulators and the investment industry, the North American Securities Administrators Association’s 2021 Annual Meeting at Swissotel in Chicago, September 19-21, 2021.
We are planning a high-profile lineup of speakers who will address emerging trends and challenges in the financial sector; the many faces of today’s investors; and the role of social media and “influencers” in the marketplace. Plus, you will learn about the work underway at NASAA and its various committees. These presentations will cover a broad array of topics from the regulation of investment advisers and broker-dealers to enforcement trends, and the latest developments in corporation finance and investor education.
The Annual Meeting, being held both in-person and virtually this year, is expected to include strong representation from NASAA members, who are eager to network with you and other members of the securities industry.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

DAY 1 - SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

The Paralegal Roundtable 9:00 am - 10:15 am CST

The Paralegal Roundtable


Join us at the annual Paralegal Roundtable for an interactive session spotlighting the best practices among paralegals in the financial services industry. NASAA organized the Paralegal Roundtable more than 30 years ago to facilitate training and sharing of best practices among paralegals in the financial services industry. This year, the training will focus on the basics of BlueSky research, including sample research scenarios and tips for conducting research in the electronic age.

NASAA Business Meeting 10:30 am - 12:45 pm CST

NASAA Business Meeting


Closed to Members Only

Opening Ceremonies 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm CST

Opening Ceremonies


Lisa Hopkins
NASAA President
West Virginia Securities Commission

Jesse White
Secretary of State
Illinois Secretary of State

Outlook on Emerging Trends and Challenges in the Financial Sector 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CST

Outlook on Emerging Trends and Challenges in the Financial Sector


Hear the latest from regulatory and SRO leaders on the trends they are seeing in the financial services industry and the impact on investors and firms. The panelists will address challenges such as climate risk, cybersecurity, fraud, and supervision. Learn about enforcement priorities, proposed rulemaking, examination focuses, and other future initiatives.

Investment Adviser Section Forum 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm CST

Investment Adviser Section Forum


Please join members of the Investment Adviser Section Committee for its annual Forum to be the first to hear the results of the 2021 coordinated examinations initiative; learn about the Committee’s recent policies & procedures model rule; get an update on the development of the continuing education program for investment adviser representatives; and participate in an interactive discussion regarding other current Section initiatives and associated research activities.. 

Joint Web CRD/IARD Section Forum 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm CST

Joint Web CRD/IARD Section Forum


The NASAA CRD/IARD Steering Committee will highlight the Web CRD/IARD transformation, potential changes to the Form U4 and Form U5, regulatory updates, and an update on expungement-related proposals and proceedings. 

Welcome Reception 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm CST

Welcome Reception


All attendees are invited to connect with colleagues, partners, and friends at the welcome reception. Attire: Business Casual

DAY 2 - SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

ABA State Regulation of Securities Committee Meeting 9:00 am - 10:30 am CST

ABA State Regulation of Securities Committee Meeting



The Many Faces of Today’s Investor- One Size Doesn’t Fit All 10:45 am - 11:45 am CST

The Many Faces of Today’s Investor- One Size Doesn’t Fit All


With a record number of investors in the market, financial services providers are offering a wider range of products and services than ever before. This panel will discuss the different types of investors in the market and the variety of goals, investment needs, risk-taking and trading behavior that companies, advisors, and regulators must handle.  How are the needs of new investors, some who trade for fun and some for retirement, best served by financial professionals and technology? What do experienced investors expect from their brokerage firms and advisers? Is full-service brokerage giving way to DIY investing, subscription-based planning, and technology?  Is impact investing here to stay? These and other timely questions addressing the many faces and needs of today’s investor will be addressed by a panel of representing the views of regulators, industry, and researchers.

Luncheon with Featured Speaker 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm CST

Luncheon with Featured Speaker


Harold Pollack
University of Chicago

Investor Education Section Forum 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm CST

Investor Education Section Forum


The Investor Education Section Forum will use an engaging medium to highlight the work of the four project groups over the past year, as well as the  Section’s collaboration with the Professional Development Committee, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and the Crisis Planning and Recovery Committee.  The project group highlights will include: investor alerts on important and timely topics like social media and online trading, ESG and expense ratios (fund MERs); the seniors social isolation toolkit, real life regulators podcasts, investor education planner and more.

Words Matter – Holding Companies, Professionals, and Influencers Accountable for What They Say: The Fine Line Between Free Speech and Market Manipulation 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Words Matter – Holding Companies, Professionals, and Influencers Accountable for What They Say: The Fine Line Between Free Speech and Market Manipulation


This panel will address the role of social media and “influencers” who have a lot to say about companies’ prospects, stocks, and investing in general.  Are investors paying attention and making decisions based on sound information, or convincing misinformation? What constitutes material facts, generic statements, opinions, or protected speech in the context of securities laws? Do lengthy written disclosures matter if investors are not reading them and are relying on ads, celebrity endorsements, and oral representations?  How are courts treating disclosure documents, non-reliance clauses, and firm to customer communications? Are additional regulations needed, or greater enforcement of existing laws and rules?

Corporation Finance Section Forum 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm CST

Corporation Finance Section Forum



DAY 3 - SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

NASAA Business Meeting 10:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

NASAA Business Meeting


Closed to Members Only

Presidential Luncheon and Award Ceremony 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm CST

Presidential Luncheon and Award Ceremony


Melanie Senter Lubin
NASAA President, Maryland Division of Securities

Broker-Dealer Section Forum 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm CST

Broker-Dealer Section Forum


This year’s forum will provide an opportunity for participants to learn more about new and upcoming regulatory compliance issues and other developments of interest while providing an opportunity to interact with state and provincial securities regulators. Topics include current projects of NASAA's Broker-Dealer Section, Regulation Best Interest, unpaid arbitrations, and an update on Canadian broker-dealer developments.  Attendees may submit additional discussion topics in advance to Section Chair Marni Gibson.

Enforcement Section Forum 3:40 pm - 4:30 pm CST

Enforcement Section Forum


The Enforcement Section will host an open forum to discuss developments and trends in state and provincial securities enforcement, with an emphasis on NASAA's 2021 Enforcement Report and its multijurisdictional enforcement work. Conference attendees are invited to ask questions, make comments and fully participate during this far-ranging discussion on complex products, sales practice abuses, illegal digital asset schemes, and supervision and suitability cases.

President’s Reception & Dinner 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm CST

President’s Reception & Dinner


Join us for an entertaining dinner to honor the NASAA President.



Travel days will vary depending on which meetings you will be attending.

  • Board Members/Section Chairs/Vice-Chairs travel on Friday, September 17 and Wednesday, September 22.
  • Members using a voucher travel on Saturday, September 18 and Wednesday, September 22.
  • Project Group Members: Board approval is required before any project group can meet at the conference. Those groups who wish to meet at the conference should discuss their needs with their section chair.

Administrators may send additional members of their staff to the conference at their jurisdiction’s expense with no reimbursement from NASAA. Each additional participant will be charged a conference registration fee. Cancellations for the meeting must be received in writing two weeks prior to the training in order to receive a refund.


The Annual Conference does not fall under the training and education voucher policy. All jurisdictions will be reimbursed as follows for two member representing his/her jurisdiction:

Meeting attendees will be reimbursed the following:

  • Coach class airfare (lowest available non-refundable fare with a 30-day advance purchase required).  If you received airline credit(s) for 2020 cancelled flights and were reimbursed by NASAA, please apply the credit(s) to the purchase of your ticket for travel to this event.
  • The single group room rate of $239, 17.4% tax (total $280.58);
  • Maximum daily qualifying personal expenses of $40.  Qualifying personal expenses are all reasonable and customary expenditures for personal expense items associated with business travel or entertainment, including meals and beverages, use of hotel health facilities or laundry services and snacks or other sundries. For complete details see the NASAA Policies and Procedures (1304-1309); and,
  • No more than $80 of necessary ground transportation while in Chicago.
  • In Concur Select Travel Type: Conference
  • In Concur Select Travel Purpose: Fall Conference
  • In Concur, please enter the amounts requested as maximum daily reimbursement. Copies of the corresponding receipts or notes indicating the names of the establishments where the expenses were incurred should be included in the reimbursement requests.

For additional information, contact Kaprina Robinson at or (202) 737-0900.

We encourage you to submit your request for reimbursement of travel expenses using the Concur online system.

What is Concur?

Concur is an online database that allows you to electronically file your travel expense reimbursement request forms for NASAA. You can elect to receive payment directly into a bank account or via paper check. No paper form or receipts are required. It also eliminates waiting for the postal service to deliver your form to NASAA or your payment to you. 

How does it work? 

There are three steps when requesting reimbursements via Concur.

  • Capture all expenses and upload copies of the required receipts.
  • Describe and detail the expenses in the reimbursement request.
  • Review and submit.

How do I get started? 

  • Please email Kaprina Robinson  and request a Concur account. Concur will send a welcome email with a time-sensitive link, user id (your email address) and temporary password.
  • Log into the Concur Website using your email address and the temporary password provided in the welcome email. After logging in, you should see the Concur Home screen.

For additional information, contact at Kaprina Robinson or (202) 737-0900.

We encourage you to submit your request for reimbursement of travel expenses using the Concur online system.

Local Travel Information

Local Travel Information

The Chicago O'Hare Airport is located 19 miles from the Swissotel Chicago Hotel. The best transportation options are Uber, Lyft and taxicab service. These options are available for your transportation to/from the airport. Approximate cost one-way:

  • Uber/Lyft: $38-42
  • Taxi: $65